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CT Solutions Australia, together with Career Academy (NZ), has developed a unique training system - Prep2Pass - that complements the Chartered Accountants Program. 

  • Offered throughout Australia and New Zealand and tailored to suit training needs and requirements. 
  • Provides assistance with understanding critical processes and techniques.
  • Specialised focus and key exam techniques to assist candidates.
  • Provides valuable skills to help enhance work performance.


CT Solutions Australia is partnered with the Career Academy, a NZICA approved training organisation to deliver courses to help you pass your CA exams.

We offer the following:

  • PREP – webinar technical workshops
    - Guidance on unit content
    - Key topic techniques
    - Exam practice questions
    - Exam hints & tips
    - Help with assembling a critical file
  • PASS – a workshop which is a dedicated exam preparation session
    - Key exam techniques
    - Invaluable tips & tricks
    - Practice Exam & suggested solutions
         - Optional Marking Feedback
    - Key tips to achieving success in CAANZ Exams

    - Help with critical file preparation and key subject information
  • Online Unit Summaries
    - These provide a quick overview of key unit elements
    - Exam techniques
    - Assessment preparation
  • Webinars
    - Technical sessions
    - Exam prep sessions
    - Assessment assistance sessions
  • Recorded sessions
    - If you miss a session due to work commitments or illness 

We are committed to helping you pass your exams. We are proud to play our part in helping you to improve your knowledge and skills and help improve your work performance.

We use very experienced trainers and facilitators to conduct sessions, many who have been involved in the CA program and other technical training programs for over 10 years.

For more information on our training programs, please select a subject listing from the collection below.