CAP321 NZ - Capstone Project (New Zealand)

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Please note:
The PREP2PASS includes all elements
The PASS Program is made up of the 2 Exam focused workshops:
Exam prep workshop (Part 1) and the Pre-release session (Part 2). 

If you choose the middle option (PASS) this includes both these 2 exam sessions, as described below in the PASS Elements section.


PASS part 1: Exam preparation workshop:
Date: Sunday 5 December 2021
When: 1.00pm - 4.00pm NZ time via live Webinar

Pre-release webinar session - part 2
Date: Friday 10 December 2021
When: 1.30pm - 3.00pm NZ time via live Webinar


PREP2PASS Capstone

If you need any extra support, please feel free to email: 

PREP Workshops: A combination of webinars and emailed content to guide how to approach the module and assist in assessment tasks.

PASS Workshop: Looks at the pre-release case studies and discusses likely exam questions.  You’ll learn exam techniques such as how to use your time effectively, pinpointing key words, using the rubric, identifying what exam markers will be looking for and how to properly structure your answers. Our experienced facilitators delve into the pre-release materials; pulling apart exam questions and looking into considerations and concerns.

Pre-release webinar focuses in depth on the pre-release material in relation to exam scenarios.

*All dates and times may be subject to change